Choosing An Assisted Living Facility

What to look for in the staff:

• Do they have time to speak with you or does it feel rushed?
• Do they appear genuinely interested in you?
• Do they interact warmly with current residents?
• How do they handle emergencies?

What to look for in the residents:

• Do they appear happy?
• Do they enjoy interacting with one another?
• Do they seem like people whom you’d enjoy getting to know?
• Are there hobbies or groups on site that look interesting to you?

Other Considerations When Choosing an Assisted Living Facility:

An assisted living facility should feel friendly, safe, and comfortable to you when you are visiting and touring a new facility. The bottom line is that the right facility for you is the one where you feel most at home. The facility should be clean and well maintained, of course, but the facility you’ll be happiest at won’t necessarily be the most fancy or expensive.

Of course feeling comfortable and having a sense of home is a matter of personal preference. Do you prefer a smaller, cozier environment, or would you rather be in a larger, bustling place with more activities? Are external building asthetics, such as gardens or other greenery, important to you? ALl of these things are to be taken into consideration.

All facilities offer activities however, they may not appeal to your particular tastes or interests. You need to inquire if there are hobbies or activities on site, and whethere transportation is available to events off premises? Does the facility have amenities that are important to you such as a gym, recreation center, library, or a chapel?

Eating habits are also to be taken into consideration. Are you able to eat in your room if you’d like? What kinds of food are served and does the facility offer a seasonal menu?

How are health problems handled? How does the facility handle both emergency and non-emergency problems? If you develop a medical condition, will you be able to remain at the facility? At what point would you be required to move elsewhere for medical care?

Is the facility in compliance with state and local licensing requirements? Each state has different standards, so you will want to check with your local regulatory agency to make sure that the facility is licensed and in compliance. You can also check the Better Business Bureau to see if any complaints have been lodged against the facility.